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Maxxair Skymaxx LX Roof Vent / Skylight ( 500mm x 700mm )


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Natural light and fresh air – the basic fundamentals to the richness of our individual lives and our unique living environments. Light and fresh air create within us a variety of moods that often make any surrounding an oasis.

  • Natural light makes small spaces feel open and free.
  • Bring the balance and harmony of nature indoors.
  • With the ability to open the SKYMAXX, create a cooling effect and bring fresh air throughout your campervan.
  • Create more opportunities for natural light without sacrificing privacy.
  • Skymaxx LX
  • Manual lift with 4 open positions
  • Pleated screen & shade provides options of full sun, full shade, partial sun/shade
  • Fits 700mm x 500mm
  • Suitable for 43mm to 60mm roof thicknesses
  • Optional constant or non constant ventilation
  • White interior frame
  • Agency listings:  CE listed, R43, RCM





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