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Thermoliner Van Insulation


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Van thermoliner, sold per linear meter. If you order 5, you will recieve 1 continious sheet 5mts long by 1 meter wide.


  • 1m wide Lightweight and strong “Thermoliner” thermo-acoustic sheeting is the perfect choice for your project.
  • Provides excellent acoustic insulation
  • Provides excellent thermal insulation
  • Easily installed
  • Pressure and water resistant
  • Flame resistant non-toxic
  • Light weight
  • No adhesive needed
  • Easy to Fit
  • Resistant to chemicals and extreme weather conditions

It is manufactured from cross-linked closed cell polyethylene foam. “Thermoliner” has excellent thermal insulating properties due to its low U-value.
It is also backed with a non-tear silver foil on one side this also assists keeping the radiation heat in when it’s cold and out when its hot it works at its best when the silver foil is facing an open space.
The other surface is coated with a high temperature; paper release adhesive film for sticking to the vans metal panels, when adhered to the panels this product is effective in reducing the reverberation of the bodywork thus reducing the noise levels from the road and outside that are so obvious in all vans.
It is a closed cell polyethylene foam 7mm Thick and so, it is water repellent, does not rot or go mouldy.

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Thermoliner Van InsulationThermoliner Van Insulation

Availability: 3 in stock