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Truma Ultrastore Rapide Boiler – JG Fittings


Truma Ultrastore Rapide Gas and Electic Water Heater

Complete with John Guest 12mm Water Fittings Pack

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Truma Ultrastore Rapide- Gas and Electric Water Heater

Complete with JG 12mm Water Fittings Pack

  •  10 litre capacity
  • Low gas consumption with high efficiency

  • Particularly compact dimensions, thus space-saving installation possible

  • Additional electric heating element (Truma boiler gas/electric)

Extensive showering pleasure on the road with the Truma gas boiler

Enjoy the freedom and still do without anything: What sounds like magic becomes reality with the Truma Boiler Gas. A powerful gas burner heats the water in the mobile home in a short time. So you are independent of a power connection – and enjoy your warm shower wherever you are.

This variant with an additional electric heating element further shortens the heating-up time. In gas/electric mode, it only takes around 15 minutes for the water to heat up to 70 degrees.

This is what makes the Truma boiler gas/electric special:

  • Insulation protects against heat loss
  • Stainless steel container
  • All submersible and pressure pumps up to 2.8 bar can be used
  • Safe thanks to electronic control elements and pressure relief valve

You can set the desired water temperature continuously between 30 and 70 degrees on the control panel. As soon as you use up warm water, the Truma boiler reheats the water. As long as the boiler remains in operation, several people can shower one after the other.


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Truma Ultrastore Rapide Boiler – JG Fittings

Availability: 3 in stock

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